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MKB & Technofonds Flevoland

The MKB & Technofonds Flevoland invests in innovative companies in Flevoland. The fund invests in equity or loans up to € 500 K.

Amsterdams Klimaat & Energiefonds

The Amsterdam Climate & Energy Fund (AKEF) was founded with the primary objective of contributing to the sustainability goals of the City of Amsterdam. AKEF provides capital in the form of loans, guarantees and/or capital shares with a maximum of €5 million per project. We provide only market financing and are not a subsidy provider. In order to qualify, projects must demonstrably contribute and comply with the goals of the Energy Strategy of Amsterdam for 2040.


Rockstart helps startups be more successful through funding and mentorship, access to community and office space and events for early stage founders. Rockstart offers a € 20K cash investment and in kind investments such as support, office space etc in its accelerator. Rockstart asks 8% equity in return.


Ecart focuses on medium-sized Dutch companies. Our investments – by way of shares or venture capital – range from EUR 1.0 million to EUR 6.0 million euros per participation. Ecart specialises in IT, HR, manufacturing and packaging.


Innovatiebox is a special contruct in corporate income tax. The earnings on the results of R&D activities and patents are eligible for the Innovatiebox. On these earnings, a effective taxation applies of 5%.

TIIN Capital

TIIN Capital is a network of informal investors. They invest in early stage companies in IT or Hightech sector.

Finles Next Generation Fund

Finles Next Generation Fund offers growth-funding for companies to make the step from a startup to a scaleup.


The Mibiton Funds focuses on investing in young spin-off companies to use facilities and machines. Mibiton focuses of Life Sciences companies.

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